Lindsey Elmore

The Farmacist

What We Did

Lindsey Elmore has a great following in the health and wellness industry. She needed a strong brand to tie everything together.


Lindsey wasn’t sure if she should continue to move forward with “The Farmacist” or with her own branding identity. We started a transition phase of slowly switching her branding over to Lindsey Elmore. Her logo is her signature and the tagline is now “The Farmacist.”

We kept her fonts clean, timeless, and legible. A lot of Lindsey’s content is educational from her blog so we needed the font choices for her brand to be very strong. Her look is NYC. We wanted her photography to reflect Lindsey in New York City with a lot of textures, and buildings.


Not only does this website look beautiful, it has an amazing user experience for her users to navigate to their educational tools Lindsey made.

A Note from Lindsey


5 of 5 Star - Facebook Review

- Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS, Young Living Brand Ambassador