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Beverage Brand Aims National

New line of Hard Teas go from concept to $1M in sales in 11 months.

Beverage Brand Aims National
Beverage Brand Aims National
Beverage Brand Aims National
Beverage Brand Aims National
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New brand goes from $0 - $1M in 11 months.

The Challenge

Nice’d Hard Tea was a brand new product that needed to break out of the noise that is the beverage marketing industry. Gain brand recognition and leave a lasting impression

Nice’d had a great brand on the verge of explosive growth. We wanted to create creative and messaging that would be compelling and engaging for people on fast-moving channels.

The brand itself is unique and stands out. It was selling, but only to the people who knew it was there.

Calvin behind the camera rotating the can on the Edelkrone Slider.

The Solution

We started with awareness. We decided to combine studio-type videos with live action to target specific channels. Testing the demographics out and creating these digital assets for omni channel marketing.

Behind the Scenes

Two talents are staging themselves for a NICE'D Hard Tea shoot out on the lake while camera operator Calvin is prepping his shot

Justin and Calvin are directing talent, getting audio levels, and exposing proper lighting on subjects to get the ideal aesthetic

The Result

We created awareness and traction for a brand new product. It got over 100k views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

NICE'D can now open new markets and sell every can that they produce.


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