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How Modern Video Elevates the Customer Experience

The Rise of Social Media Brings Videos Front and Center.

We have Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube influencers, live streaming, video advertisements, and stories on every platform.

The list goes on.

But Why?

Because video is versatile and conversational. It draws people in to make them feel like part of the story, see themselves using your product. Apparently, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% reading text.

They Can:

Entertain while explaining

  • We’re past the days of boring explainers and education content. Show someone how to do something with flare. Like this.

Save customers time

  • People are busier than ever. They want to find out how to solve their problems but don’t have the time to read about them. Videos can save them time researching and bring you a whole new segment of consumers.

Address pain points

  • Most TV advertisements use this method. Think about insurance commercials. They present the problem (Mayhem, anyone?) and move on to how they can help.

Grab attention for new products

  • This is great for repeat customers. When they’ve reached the top level of the lifecycle, they don’t want to be left hanging. That’s why you get those follow-up emails in your inbox.

Offer customized digital experiences

  • If you’ve started an email funnel, you probably know who your target audience is. You can send each segment of customers a different video, addressing their specific needs. Or you could choose to make videos for each stage of the lifecycle.

Connect with customers on a more personal level

  • Videos are a great way to give more than you take. YouTube and Patreon use this approach. 

Whatever the experience, your videos might have multiple creative outlets combined into one, like animated graphics with scripted copy and talking heads. Or the sound and smoothness of a drink mixed with music. 

Something to excite most of the senses.

What it boils down to…
The brains behind Sandwich say, “If you can make your audience feel, you can help them understand. If you can help them understand, you can help them take action.”

Feeling helps drive decisions.

Feeling is part of the human experience. 
So why not make it part of the customer experience?

Same End, Different Strategy...

Every video type connects with customers and drives them to action. We have a few go-tos.


You want to teach viewers about your product, but you want the video to be fun and relatable.

Enter: The Commercial. It lives on landing pages and is great for social media. Often, it will show the value, not tell. 

When you use it for pre-sale and post-sale it will put your product in context.

Feature Story

This is like an explainer, meant for enlightening viewers, just getting the gears turning. While it isn’t very long, it gets the message across.

They’re easy to follow and perfect for the modern attention span.

Product Video

Think up-close, epic shots of your favorite product. The product video features snappy, sensual shots meant for highlighting a product in a branded, lifestyle format.


Longer than a commercial, but shorter than a feature story or educational video, the short combines the best of every type. 

You’ll see crisp feature shots, short interview clips, and a little explanation. All tied up with music.


An event video is meant to electrify viewers (and give them serious FOMO). 

It features behind-stage speaker angles and audience shots, complete with attendee interviews.


This is your talking head (yes, like any one of your favorite mockumentary shows).

It’s simply meant to teach viewers about something, pushing them toward more learning.

It’s longer and less dynamic than the other types. But it’s Documentary 2.0 and definitely not boring.

Videos are crucial in this forward-thinking age. 

They round out the experience to determine what impression you leave. Make sure your bases are covered, bringing every bright idea to life.

What’s your favorite type? Have you seen videos that make you want to jump in and get started? What is it about them that sparks your interest?

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