Invest in your marketing and win loyal customers

Without good marketing, customers don’t stick around. Our efforts will increase your ROI, sales, email opens, social media followers, downloads, streams, and more.

Step 1: Discover Your Pain Points
Step 2: Make a Plan & Take Action
Step 3: Review & Refine Your Systems

Is inconsistent marketing draining your budget?

To make an impact, you need a marketing team that knows the industry and cares about your business. Without that:

  • Your ROI drops
  • Customers don’t open your emails
  • Sales fall flat
  • Your social media doesn’t perform
  • People don’t see your brand
  • Team members lose motivation

Your business should be seeing the results of your hard work, but you don’t have the right resources. We put our best foot forward to keep your marketing modern and moving. Take the first step by scheduling a discovery call.

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3 ways to get positive marketing results

Choose the solution that works for your team.

Package 1

Build Your Brand

Ready to see your ROI skyrocket? Building a brand increases your ROI as your business grows. 

This option combines planning the fundamentals of your brand, creating a website & CRM platforms, opening social accounts for organic marketing, and creating marketing campaigns to get the right customers.

Package 2

Drive New Business

This option combines inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, and video production to attract and secure customers. You can be confident that you’re in the right hands.

Are you ready to get new leads? We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on running your business.

Package 3

Increase Retention & Customer Lifetime Value

Want to keep customers coming back and see positive results over the lifetime of your business? 

Do your best behind-the-scenes work by combining CRM, marketing automation, video, and data integration & segmentation. 

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Love the heart of their customer care

Within a few short months, they have caputred the heart of our team and are helping us communicate with a wider audience!

Co-founder @ Living Well Now
A VERY trusted ally

We appreciate the partnership. You’ve become a VERY trusted ally for Mannatech, and each of us that work with you!

Ben Mayo Testimonial Icon
VP of Marketing @ Mannatech
You're not just "another client" with Jive

They deliver the best product and are responsive throughout the whole process. I own businesses across multiple industries and they continue to find ways to help us grow.

Tim S Testimonial Icon
Tim Saetre
Business Dev @ PURIS Holdings
Highly professional

These guys Rock!!! They are the nicest and most helpful people I have had the opportunity to work with.  They have so much energy and have incredible creative minds. I highly recommend them!  

Darla B Testimonial Icon
Darla Boen
Instructor @ Dash Fitness
Attention to detail...great personalities

Their quality of work, attention to detail and quick turn around were over and above anything we've experienced. Definitely recommend if you're are looking for top notch and professional!

Jeff C Testimonial Icon
Jeff Carlson
Testimonial Arrow Left
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You send us your information. We’ll review your application to get to know you and your business and determine how we can help you.


We’ll deep dive into your business and business goals to create a customized marketing plan. Then, we’ll put that plan into action.


Next, we’ll review how our efforts have made an impact on your business. We’ll improve your marketing plan as the industry shifts to help you get the most out of your budget.

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Have an awesome product or service, but your business isn’t growing the way you envisioned? It could be because the money you’re spending on marketing isn’t getting you the results you deserve. Your advertising budget should be growing your company, NOT costing you money. 

This is a common problem! It’s hard to decide which marketing decisions will make a positive impact on the world and your business. Jive Media will help you zoom out to see the big picture. You can have a team that cares about your success and your wallet.

 For the cost of one employee, you get a collaboration of all Jive Media team members – and you don’t have to sacrifice quality. With a team that listens to your concerns, cares about your business, and only creates high-quality work, you will get the most out of your budget. Our efforts will increase your ROI, sales, email opens, social media followers, downloads, and streams – they will make an impact. When you keep the big wheels turning, the small ones will naturally move with you.

Marketing is the biggest driver of business results. That’s why we take risks and try new things, putting our best foot forward to keep your marketing modern. Find out how far your business can go.

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