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Paid Ads
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If you’re just looking for fast results, pay-per-click advertising is an affordable option. We’ll audit your business & uncover what you want to accomplish, create ad content, run ad campaigns on all of the relevant platforms, and keep an eye on your analytics as your click count climbs.

Website Development
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To make conversions, you need a website. We’ll help you discover your pain points, create a custom marketing plan, and create a website that sells.

Video Production
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Want to market to the right people? You need professional videography. We’ll uncover your video goals, scout talent & location, script your video, get the footage, and produce your video within budget.

Marketing Automation
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To maximize your revenue, you need efficient marketing automation processes. We’ll help you set up the software, create a lead generator, and optimize your lists with any fresh data that comes through.

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If you want to win loyal customers, you need a brand that gets the message across. We’ll learn your target audience, create all of your branding assets, and watch your business take off.

CRM Implementation
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Our CRM implementation consultant team understands the CRM and ERP platforms and has the knowledge and experience to ensure your instance is running smoothly and efficiently.

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If you want to drive sales, you need top-quality photos. We’ll get to know your business and brand, set up a shoot, and capture all of your company’s best angles.

Inbound Marketing
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Ready to start really locking in leads? You need inbound marketing. We’ll do a full audit on your business, create a custom experience for your audience, and keep the cycle going as you grow.

Social Media Marketing
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If you want more attention, you should be using social media. We’ll deep dive into your goals, come up with a social strategy, create or optimize your channels, and keep an eye on your analytics as your follower count soars.

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Do you want more organic traffic? SEO is the way to go. We’ll help you discover your pain points, research keywords, create relevant content, and watch your site ranking & click-through rates as your business grows.

Brand Builders Package

Ready to see your ROI skyrocket? Building a brand increases your ROI as your business grows. 

This option combines planning the fundamentals of your brand, creating a website & CRM platforms, opening social accounts for organic marketing, and creating marketing campaigns to get the right customers.

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Lead Generator Package

This option combines inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, and video production to attract and secure customers. You can be confident that you’re in the right hands.

Are you ready to get new leads? We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on running your business.

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Lifetimer Package

Want to keep customers coming back and see positive results over the lifetime of your business? 

Do your best behind-the-scenes work by combining CRM, marketing automation, video, and data integration & segmentation. 

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Have an awesome product or service, but your business isn’t growing the way you envisioned? It could be because the money you’re spending on marketing isn’t getting you the results you deserve. Your advertising budget should be growing your company, NOT costing you money. This is a common problem! It’s hard to decide which marketing decisions will make a positive impact on the world and your business.

Jive Media will help you zoom out to see the big picture. You can have a team that cares about your success and your wallet. For the cost of one employee, you get a collaboration of all Jive Media team members – and you don’t have to sacrifice quality. With a team that listens to your concerns, cares about your business, and only creates high-quality work, you will get the most out of your budget. Our efforts will increase your ROI, sales, email opens, social media followers, downloads, and streams – they will make an impact.

When you keep the big wheels turning, the small ones will naturally move with you.Marketing is the biggest driver of business results. That’s why we take risks and try new things, putting our best foot forward to keep your marketing modern. Find out how far your business can go.

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