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Craft high-quality, engaging videos on budget and on time, your trusted partner in Minnesota for professional video production.

Step 1: Discover Your Pain Points
Step 2: Make a Plan & Take Action
Step 3: Review & Refine Your Systems
Branding Video

We’ll film a short video that shows off the best of your business, from core values to your beautiful faces. You’ll get attention faster than ever.

Product Videos

We’ll create a video that shows customers that what you’re selling is what they should be buying. Lead: generated.

Testimonial / Case Studies

We’ll get a customer or client in front of the camera to sing your praises so you get more attention.

Educational Videos

We’ll educate your viewers about the problem they’re having and show them why you’re the solution. You’ll reach more people and sell more stuff.

Social Media Videos

We’ll shoot snappy YouTube Shorts, IG reels, and Stories that give them a glimpse into your brand so they’ll want to come back for more.

Event Promotion

We’ll highlight your next event with a video that immerses them in it. Next thing you know? They’re there.

Don't Let Mediocrity Drain Your Marketing Budget

Ever noticed how low-quality videos are like throwing cash down the drain? They just don't hit the mark. If you're aiming to connect with the right audience, you need top-notch videos that truly resonate. Now, imagine harnessing the power of cutting-edge video production services right here in Minnesota - that's where the magic happens.

Why Settle for Less?
You see, without quality, your product might come off as second-rate. And let's face it, no one wants that, right? Your ads end up missing the mark, not reaching the people who matter. It's like shouting into the wind - a whole lot of effort for not much reward.

Don't Let Your Brand Fade into the Background
And the worst part? Other brands steal the limelight. Your potential customers? They're swept away by the competition. It's like showing up to a party, only to find out someone else is wearing your outfit, but better.

Don't Just Make Videos - Make an Impact
But don't worry - it's not all doom and gloom. With top-tier video production services in Minnesota, you're back in the game. We're talking about capturing your unique story from the drawing board right through to the final cut. Imagine your brand not just reaching the right people but winning them over, bagging more sales, and, more importantly, creating loyal customers.

Capture your story from pre-production to final cut and win more customers.

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3 Steps to Top-Quality Videos

Step 1

Uncover Your Goals

We’ll dive into your customer base and the intention for your brand to finalize the goals for your next video.

Step 2

Plan & Shoot

Once we know the purpose and vision of your video, we’ll scout talent & location, script, storyboard, and shoot the footage we need to create a quality video.

step 3

Produce & Finalize Your Video

We’ll edit your footage in a way that communicates your message and cut it with SFX, transitions, and music that fits your needs.


Love the heart of their customer care

Within a few short months, they have caputred the heart of our team and are helping us communicate with a wider audience!

Co-founder @ Living Well Now
A VERY trusted ally

We appreciate the partnership. You’ve become a VERY trusted ally for Mannatech, and each of us that work with you!

Ben Mayo Testimonial Icon
VP of Marketing @ Mannatech
You're not just "another client" with Jive

They deliver the best product and are responsive throughout the whole process. I own businesses across multiple industries and they continue to find ways to help us grow.

Tim S Testimonial Icon
Tim Saetre
Business Dev @ PURIS Holdings
Highly professional

These guys Rock!!! They are the nicest and most helpful people I have had the opportunity to work with.  They have so much energy and have incredible creative minds. I highly recommend them!  

Darla B Testimonial Icon
Darla Boen
Instructor @ Dash Fitness
Attention to detail...great personalities

Their quality of work, attention to detail and quick turn around were over and above anything we've experienced. Definitely recommend if you're are looking for top notch and professional!

Jeff C Testimonial Icon
Jeff Carlson
Testimonial Arrow Left
Testimonial Arrow Right
Make your business stand out with professional, high-quality videos that are budget-friendly, fast to produce, and engaging for your audience

Are you spending money on video ads that just don’t work? It could be because of sub-par video content. Your budget should be spent on messaging that gets the message in front of your own audience.

This is a common problem! It’s hard to find videographers who will do your product justice.

We’ll script, storyboard, shoot, produce, and finalize videos that get to the heart of your message. Our efforts will increase your ROI, sales, social media followers, downloads, and streams. Most of all, they will make an impact on your growth.

Making quality videos is crucial to boosting awareness, conversion, and sales. That’s why we invest our time in your goals, putting our best foot forward to keep your marketing modern and get results.

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We’ll deep dive into your business and business goals to create a customized marketing plan. Then, we’ll put that plan into action.


Next, we’ll review how our efforts have made an impact on your business. We’ll improve your marketing plan as the industry shifts to help you get the most out of your budget.

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