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Reinventing the Fizz with Northern Soda

Check out this spec ad for Northern Soda

Reinventing the Fizz with Northern Soda
Reinventing the Fizz with Northern Soda
Reinventing the Fizz with Northern Soda
Reinventing the Fizz with Northern Soda
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A fresh new shine for Northern Soda

The Brief

In a world of synthetic sodas filled with preservatives and artificial sweeteners, Northern Soda took a firm stand. Launched in 2018, this company decided to do things differently - they opted for a return to basics, focusing on hand-crafted, small-batch sodas. Made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, each bottle of Northern Soda embodies the ideal blend of fizz, sweetness, and refreshment, creating an unrivaled flavor experience.

The Solution

Jive Media, renowned for its expertise in visual storytelling, set out to design a spec ad that would capture the essence of Northern Soda's hand-crafted beverages. The concept involved creating a narrative that painted the brand's commitment to quality and the sensory delight each drink provides.

Preparation was crucial. The Jive Media team compiled an assortment of B-roll footage to encompass every aspect of Northern Soda's production process - from ingredient selection to the final product. To effectively capture the effervescence and freshness of the soda, we employed slow-motion and close-up shots.

The Result

In the end, we crafted a visually engaging spec ad that not only underscored the hand-crafted quality and pure refreshment of Northern Soda but also evoked a sense of nostalgia for simpler times when quality wasn't compromised. It successfully communicated the Northern Soda promise: effervescence, authenticity, and impeccable flavor - all in a single can.


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