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Energy Bowl Startup Makes a Splash

Check out how this deliciousness gets logo, branding, video, photo, and a website.

Energy Bowl Startup Makes a Splash
Energy Bowl Startup Makes a Splash
Energy Bowl Startup Makes a Splash
Energy Bowl Startup Makes a Splash
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Adventure Bowls preps for the moon.

Vision meets execution with a dedication to quality, customers, and healthy food.

The Brief

Adventure Bowls was nothing more than a dream in the founder’s mind. Tara had a vision to create something fun, exciting, and healthy that would bring people joy. It needed to be tangible, with a road map to execution.

She came up with the physical assets, like the food truck and sourcing. Our challenge was to give her the digital infrastructure she needed to build her business and scale up into a franchise model.

Adventure Bowls founder knew from the start that they wanted strong marketing and technology to scale as they grew.

The Solution

We laid down a strategy that looked at who the customer is. We analyzed the customer base to decide what digital assets she would need to bring it to life.

We created a great brand, compelling videos that would sell the bowls. We got to work on the website, videos, photography, marketing automation, newsletter, and loyalty program.

The Result

Tara has a full package that will help her carry her brand. She is now in a position where she can scale the Adventure Bowls brand when she opens franchises or other locations.

Be Sota' Nice Commercial

Signature Bowl Overview Videos

We created a short sharable video for all eight Signature Bowls.

Behind the scenes

Tara and Calvin on studio shoot for Adventure Bowls.

Sam uses probe lens to push close up shot through bowls, creating an immersive experience for the viewers.


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