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Minnē Movers Shoot for #1

Earning Your Trust One Move at a Time

Minnē Movers Shoot for #1
Minnē Movers Shoot for #1
Minnē Movers Shoot for #1
Minnē Movers Shoot for #1
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Minnē Movers | The Best Hands in the Midwest

The Brief

Minnē Movers: a premiere moving company that's top-tier and worry-free

Minnē Movers came to us as a start-up. They wanted to expand their market and to build on their growth.

So we started with a video. Our goal was to produce 2 high quality videos: one catered towards commercial use and another that serves as a strong B-Roll Hit.

The Solution

First, we created a script. A proper script that captures the essence of Minnē Movers in a 20-30 second voiceover. After final edits, we sent it over to voice actors.

Next, we started storyboarding. The completed script made producing a quality storyboard seamless. Finally, we scheduled a shoot day that would allow us to capture all the necessary shots we needed.

With drone footage, a voice over, and complementary B-roll, our team produced two high quality, client-approved videos.

The Commercial Result

The Sizzle Result


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