Brenda Schuler

Branding Young Living Royalty


Create a unified brand strategy and messaging for a Royal Crown Diamond.


Brenda knew she wanted her branding to be feminine but not gaudy or overly girly. So we took her branding on more of a classy feel with touches of gold. Her logo is used as her signature to give it a more personal feel.

Brenda’s signature look is by Lilly Pultzer. We wanted to pull in some of those feminine plant elements without getting too heavy on patterns, so we used these plants sparingly throughout her branding to give it a whimsical look and feel.


Once her branding was solidified we moved on to creating her website. This needed to be light and airy so it was designed with a lot of white space. When Brenda saw her website design, her reaction was “I’ve gotta get going on creating some content for this baby!”

A Note from Brenda


Justin Anderson and Cody Anderson with Jive Media where do I begin....all the amazing little details- to find people you trust to work with and knowing how passionate they are about what they do. There are no short cuts with these guys- it’s their best or nothing.

- Brenda Schuler, Royal Crown Diamond