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Superfood Startup Goes All In

Adventure Bowls launches a fully-developed and custom-branded website before opening day.

Superfood Startup Goes All In
Superfood Startup Goes All In
Superfood Startup Goes All In
Superfood Startup Goes All In
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Superfood Startup Goes All In

The Brief

Adventure Bowls’s founder, Tara, already had the dream of a lifetime: to start a smoothie bowl truck that would encourage people to get healthy and get outside. She was on track for success, with photos, branding, and a social presence.

All she was missing was the website. She wanted the website to be clean, simple, and enticing, matching her branding. Everything we’d accomplished together to that point needed a place to live.

The Solution

Here’s what we did:

✔️Choose a website template that worked flexibly with her branding and product listings.

✔️Create wireframes for each page.

✔️Write all of the copy, from homepage to truck finder page.

✔️Add photos, videos, and other branded assets to the site.

✔️Run a full audit before launch day.

The Result

Adventure Bowls has a beautiful new website that checks all of the inbound boxes: awareness, consideration, and yes, decision to stop by the truck and try a bowl for yourself.


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