7 Tips to Create an Awesome Instagram Account

November 2017
Shelbi Kribell

If you’re not using Instagram yet, you’re missing out! This visual social platform is taking over the internet. If you’re late to the Instagram game, don’t worry we’re here to help you catapult your profile. Here are 7 important tips to creating an epic Instagram account.

1. Take Better Photos

We get it. Not everyone is a photographer. But, everyone does hold a camera in their hand! There are some basic tips to getting better quality photos.

  • Stop using the front camera. I know it's super convenient for selfies, but your front camera is significantly worse quality than the back camera.
  • Rule of thirds. If you've added a photo to Instagram you may have noticed the grid that comes up when selecting your photo. Be strategic with the subject placement of your photos. You don’t have to center everything. Add an unbalanced photo to create more interest. A general best practice is to have the subject of the image at one of the 4 intersections on the grid.
  • If you have a nice digital camera, use that instead! The Sony line we use here a Jive Media has the ability to send photos from the camera straight to your phone!
  • Top down shots. Don’t be afraid to stand on a chair or something to get a great photo (but be mindful of your shadow and feet).
  • Vectors. Your eye follows the path the image creates. For example if you used a photo of a woman looking off to the right, your user will look wherever the woman in the photo is looking. This is super helpful when you want to draw someone's eye to a bit of text on the image. Use this to your advantage!

2. Choose nicer filters

A general rule of filters is to drop the opacity to 50%. Filters can get very distracting from the purpose of the photo and it’s super easy to go too heavy on a preset filter. When you select a filter, tap it again. That's how you can control the intensity of the filter. 

PRO TIP: don’t limit yourself to the Instagram filters. The app VSCO has some quality filters.

If you’ve been looking for a filter and nothing seems to be working for you, try a black and white photo instead.

3. Don’t Fear the Hashtag

Instagram does a great job of filtering with their hashtags. If you want your photos to be seen, add the hashtags! The more the better! Get clever with them.

4. Craft a Unique & Memorable Bio

Create a lasting impression on your profile. A short witty bio is a great way to show off your personality.

5. Utilize your Story

If you’re on Snapchat, you’ll love Instagram stories! They have a very similar user experience so there isn't much of a learning curve!

6. Add-ons

There are a ton of Instagram tools to help enhance your account.

  1. Boomerang - this creates a looping GIF
  2. Layout - this tool lets you create collages
  3. Hyperlapse - this creates time lapse videos
  4. Un Um - this lets you see what your Instagram grid would look like before you post photos
  5. Gallery - this lets you add multiple photos on one post! Perfect for a larger photo shoot. That way you’re not jamming up your followers newsfeed with similar photos all at the same time.

7. Consistency

The ultimate Instagram weapon is consistency. Here at Jive Media we have a defined color palette for quote posts and a consistent filter used for our photography. If you have a consistent theme of photos, that helps your followers spot your content right away! It’s an instant recognition of your photography that helps keep you top-of-mind. 

Instagram is very visual. Use that to your advantage! Get creative and unique with your posts. And if you’re ever stuck and don’t know what to post, it's the perfect place to get inspiration and connect with people with similar interests.