Branding a Ladies Day Out

November 2017
Justin Anderson

We were lucky enough to get to work with Naomi Thiesen at the Loft Salon and Spa on an event she was hosting! The challenge was to get people to register for her event.

We started by interviewing Naomi to get a feel for what her designed materials were going to look like. She called the event “Building your Foundation” It was a party for a ladies day out while men were off deer hunting that weekend. A fun day to hang out, get facials, try chemical-free makeup, eat hors d'oeuvres, and drink some wine. She was looking for a natural and classy design on her materials.


We designed business cards, posters, and t-shirts. We created a video, website, and Facebook ads to get people to register for the party.

As you can see from all of these materials, we made sure everything was consistent. That way, no matter what you saw, you knew right away it was for the “Building your Foundation” event.

How was the event? It was a full house! We filled the event and hit capacity on registration!