Digital Storytelling

November 2017
Cody Anderson

Digital Storytelling

Let’s face it, no one like being sold to. The last thing we want to hear from someone is “What’s it gonna take to get you to buy this product today?”

Thanks to the internet we can purchase products the way we want, at the pace we want. We can read reviews to make sure we’re purchasing the right thing, and enter our email for a coupon. #ThanksInternet

So how do you get someone to trust you enough to purchase something from you? You tell a story.

Your story is how people connect with you. Luckily we have a formula for the ultimate storytelling tool:

  • The Journey
  • The Transformation
  • The Return

The Journey

The first section of your story is where you talk about where you were and what pain caused you to make a change. No change has ever come from your comfort zone. Something had to happen to make you wake up one day and know you had to take a new direction in your life.

I’d had my car for 5 years. It was so reliable and low maintenance. But, one day it started to shift funny. I took it into the shop and they said the transmission was shot. I guess that’s to be expected from a car with so many miles.

The Transformation

This is when you took action to cause a change in your life. What did you do to initiate the change? How did that affect you?

I went vehicle shopping that weekend. I test drove a few but nothing seemed to peak my interest until I test drove the new {Insert Car Model}. Wow! It handled similar to my old vehicle and talk about great gas mileage! I drove off the lot with my new car that day!

The Return

Finally, the return lets you talk about how your life is different today. Now that you’ve made that change, talk about how your life is better now than it was before you changed.

I’ve been driving this new car for almost a year now, and I’m still in love with it. I had no idea how many new features I was missing out on with my old car. I’m so glad I found a new vehicle with fewer miles and way more advanced features!

I didn’t write this story pitching to sell you a new car. I used the example to tell a story that went through the Journey, Transformation, and Return of getting a new vehicle. That’s what people want to hear. A personal testimony of their experience and not, “What’s it gonna take to get you to buy this product today?”