How to Find Your Brand

November 2017
Shelbi Kribell

How to find your brand

Branding is not just a logo. Branding is your whole presence. You’re working on your branding everyday and you don’t even know it. When people think of branding they instantly think of a logo. But your logo is only a PART of your brand. Branding is who you are. It’s your tone of voice, your interests, and what you talk about on social media.

Branding is easier to see than to explain. So let’s take a look at what my branding looks like.

As you can see, my branding authentic to me.

Now let’s take a look at Amy’s branding:

Amy and I are the same age. We’re both graphic designers, dog lovers, and are addicted to essential oils. Even though we have so much in common, Amy’s branding is completely different from mine. When you go to our social media channels, you can distinctly see Amy’s style, her tone of voice, her interests, and it’s unique to her.

That is branding. It’s all of those elements together.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your branding looks like, think about what people tag you in on your social media. When your friends and family see a post and think about you, that’s part of your branding! It’s the elements that remind them of you!