What Are Core Values?

November 2017
Shelbi Kribell

Core values are the foundation of a person or company. These are your guide to keeping you on track. Let’s dive into an example of how to use core values.

Here at Jive Media we have five core values:

  1. Quality - Top tier work produced
  2. Compassion - Care the most
  3. Foresight & Insight - Planning ahead
  4. Curiosity - Always hungry to learn more
  5. Conscience - The right thing is always the right thing

These are critical for a company to have defined. They are your guiding light when making tough decisions. They help assess if someone is a good fit for the team. They keep you on the right track when setting goals.

When I was in my job interview for Jive Media, I was so excited to hear that this company already had set core values. It let me know their vision, culture, and mission statement. I was able to tell if I’d be an asset to the team.

If you’re thinking core values are only for companies, think again! Setting personal core values is just as important.

What Are You About? What do you stand for? What traits and characteristics do those you admire have?

I did a fun exercise with flashcards to help me find my core values. We had 60 seconds to flip through a deck of cards with values on them and narrow it down to 10. We then had 30 seconds to narrow that list down to 5.

There is no specific number of values you need to have. Some people had 3 and others couldn’t narrow down lower than 10. These are YOUR core values. Choose the ones that work best for you.

Now that you have your list of values, I challenge you to dig a little deeper. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms. It helps you nail down why that core value stood out to you.

Here are my personal core values:

  1. Achievement: Fulfilled, Accomplishment, A thing done successfully typically by effort or skill
  2. Creativity: Curiosity, Problem Solving, Imagination, Innovation, Originality
  3. Commitment: Follow Through, Dedication, Keeping promises to myself and others, Loyalty, Faithfulness
  4. Fun:Happy, Center of attention, Laughter, Enjoyment, Entertainment
  5. Growth: Self-Improvement, Learning from mistakes

Once set, these core values become our basis to build relationships and business on. If you’re working on defining your core values, here’s a sheet to get you started.